FJUKA Sensate Natural 95 ml

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The power behind Fjuka’s catch rates
  • BILLIONS of quick release ATTRACTANTS in every drop
  • 8 ATTRACTANTS, stimulants & taste enhancers 
  • PLUS BLOCKER to neutralise fish-repellents (sweat, fuel, sunscreen)
  • MICRO-NUTRIENTS release taste & flavour into water instantly

How to catch with Sensate™ Fish Accelerant

Although Sensate™ cannot be overused, it’s 1000 to 1 concentrate with literally billions of quick release particles in every drop. So you can abuse it sparingly. One bottle goes an awful long way.

REMEMBER FIRST: always shake the bottle vigorously to activate.

1) Hookbaits: Add a couple of drops of Sensate™ Fish Accelerant direct to your hookbait. This adds billions of quick-release attractants right where you need them.

2) Pellets & groundbait: add a couple of drops of Sensate™ to water used to soak your pellets, or mix your groundbaits.

3) Feeders: add a squirt of Sensate™ Fish Accelerant to your loaded feeder to bring fish in fast.

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