FJUKA NEW Sensate™ Fish Accelerant Bait Dye 95ml RED

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Sensate Fish Accelerant

  • BILLIONS of quick-release ATTRACTANTS in every drop
  • WITH BAIT DYE to customise your feed & hook-baits
  • ATTRACTANTS, stimulants & taste enhancers 
  • PLUS BLOCKER to neutralise fish-repellents (sweat, fuel, sunscreen)
  • MICRO-NUTRIENTS release taste & flavour into water instantly
  • 95ml 1000:1 CONCENTRATE literally billions of quick release particles in every drop


Fish are attracted to different colours depending on the season, weather & light. Now you can change your bait colour in seconds, while Sensate™ Fish Accelerant gets fish feeding fast. 

  • FISHERY PELLETS with an EDGE: forced to use fishery pellets? Stand-out with red, yellow or green and the pulling power of Sensate™
  • SUPERCHARGE your HOOKBAITS: dye Pop-Ups, Wafters & Sinkers for Sensate™-loaded baits with added visual attraction.
  • ADD to SPOD-MIX or SLOP: create a vivid, FISH ATTRACTING COLOURED CLOUD in the water
  • CUSTOMISE CORN, MEAT or PASTE: for stand-out bait that’s laced with Sensate™ Fish Accelerant.
  • ADD DYED MICROS to METHOD FEEDERS: create your own multi-coloured carp catcher.
  • MAKE BRIGHT HARD HOOKBAITS: Sensate-loving carp can’t resist brightly coloured fishery pellets.
  • EVEN CUSTOMISE ARTIFICIAL HOOKBAITS: add colour-loaded Sensate™ to boost fake Corn, Maggots & Zig foam


How to create customised bait with the pulling power of Sensate™. 

Water-soluble and fish-friendly, new Sensate™ Bait Dyes are easy to use.

1) Hookbaits: Add a couple of drops of Sensate™ Fish Accelerant Bait Dye direct to your hookbait. 

2) Pellets & groundbait: add a couple of drops of Sensate™ Bait Dye to water used to soak your pellets, or mix your groundbaits. 

3) Feeders: add a squirt of Sensate™ Fish Accelerant Bait Dye to your loaded feeder to bring fish in fast.

NB Bottle not full to rim allowing room for activation - shake vigorously to activate.

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