DAM AQUA-X SURF 13' 3.90M 100-250G 3SEC 535G 137CM

€42,90 €35,90
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Three-piece surf rods especially designed for distance surf casting. The reinforced connection parts make these rods a reliable partner for a long time.The Aqua-X series offers a wide range of rods, each specifically designed for a different purpose. Our saltwater experts carefully adjusted the action of every single model, to make sure even beginners have the right rod for the situation in their hands. Made of extremely robust glass fiber blanks with a very good action and rounded off with a modern and fresh-looking design. Aqua-X rods are the perfect choice for everybody who is looking for a great value for money saltwater rod.


  • • Strong and durable glass fiber blanks
  • • Modern action
  • • EVA handle
  • • Strong guides with black frame"
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